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Woolf Lavender Farm

Woolf Lavender Farm


Facing the Piedmont Mountain range and Shenandoah National park, Woolf Lavender Farm stretches its fingers of lavender rows out towards several bees hives that rest on the bottom of the hill. A misty dream transforming since I first saw the lavender fields of Provence in France. I am not sure if I was the attracted to the bees that were attracted to the lavender or the lavender itself, but, as I watched the life swirling around the plants the different types of bees busy going from flower to flower I fell in love with both bee and plant and wanted to create that myself.
The Farm is only three years old and growing each year; there are several different types of lavender, rosemary and sage. The name Woolf come from Virginia Woolf’s book “A Room of One’s own” This is truly a Farm of one’s own.”
I distill the lavender and other wild crafted plants into essential oil and aromatic waters called hydrosol. I blend the flowers and plant essences into various products. The bees produce honey and if you listen closely you might hear them performing Rimsky-Korsakov’s symphony-The Flight of the Bumble Bee!


55 West View Lane, Castleton, VA 22716

(540) 761-3990


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