Kitchen Pantry Herbology Course and Lab


Date: February 19, 2017

Time: 10:00am - 3:00pm

Where: Wild Roots Apothecary
100 Rock Mills Road


Want to skip doctors visits and heal at home? What to have quick, easy and effective remedies for everyday ailments? This course teaches the basics of making herbal medicines, with hands-on learning and support, so you can take better care of you and your family. Learn how to: Utilize common herbs, spices, and foods to promote winter wellness Make herbal remedies for the common cold and flu Heal digestive troubles and burns with herbal ingredients Identify the herbal allies already in your pantry and local store Transform your kitchen into an herbal apothecary as we explore herbs and spices like Basil, Cayenne, Chamomile, Elder, Fennel, Garlic, Ginger, Thyme, Turmeric, and Mushrooms, and more. As we delve into the medicinal properties and herbal uses for everyday health and healing, we will prepare several classic kitchen apothecary recipes that you will be able to sample and reproduce at home for yourself and your family. Join us!


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