Rappahannock Small Business Relief Fund

A project of Rappahannock Communities, Businesses of Rappahannock, and other community supporters

Small businesses are the foundation of our community and keep Rappahannock running, making it feel like home. We realize small businesses are facing many challenges right now and that every dollar counts. The Rappahannock Small Business Fund is a collaborative effort to provide one thousand dollar ($1000) rapid response grants to as many Rappahannock business owners as possible. We hope these funds will help our small businesses get through the upcoming days and weeks.

Grants will be awarded on a rolling basis beginning April 30, 2020 until funding is exhausted. Cash grants will be awarded to business entities only. The maximum amount available for a one-time grant is one thousand dollars ($1000). Grants are intended to help local businesses weather the current COVID-19 crisis.

If you have questions or need assistance, please contact Theresa Wood at 817.403.0496 or by email at ReliefFund@rappahannock.com Thank you!

Eligibility requirements:

  • The business must operate in and have a physical presence in Rappahannock County; and
  • Must demonstrate that it has been harmed financially by the COVID-19 pandemic.

The one page application can be downloaded here. You may also request an application by sending an email to ReliefFund@rappahannock.com

Applications may only be submitted via email to ReliefFund@rappahannock.com or by US mail to the following address:

Rappahannock Small Business Relief Fund
PO Box 103
Washington, VA 22747