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Laughing Duck Gardens & Cookery

Laughing Duck Gardens & Cookery


Your Rappahannock food expert.

Whether you are in need of a 6-course plated dinner; cocktail party for 30;
a summer buffet by the pool for 50; a lamb roast or a pig roast; brunch
for 75; or a home wedding for 100, we can help.

We source many of our ingredients from small family farms in Rappahannock
county and the Northern Virginia Piedmont. We love seasonal produce, and
whether it's asparagus, black raspberries, golden oyster mushrooms,
watermelon radishes or yerba luisa, we know who grows it. We also
forage for wild things. We use meat and poultry raised ethically on
pasture. All menus are customized to the season, your tastes and dietary
requirements, your budget, and your kitchen set-up -- as all cooking is
done in your kitchen.

Additionally we offer personal chef services (one-time session or
subscription) for your every day meal needs; week-end or week-long
packages for visitors staying at a local cottage or for corporate
retreats; one-on-one culinary instruction or for small groups; and gift


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