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Scrabble School Preservation Foundation

Scrabble School Preservation Foundation


Built in 1921, Scrabble School is recognized for its local, state, and national significance. It is one of more the 5,000 schools for African-American children built across the South during the Jim Crow period thanks to Sears Roebuck cofounder Julius Rosenwald. So few "Rosenwald Schools" remain that in 2003 the National Trust for Historic Preservation listed them among America's "most endangered places." Scrabble School is listed on both the Virginia and the national registers of historic landmarks, and is featured on the Virginia's African-American Historic Sites Network. Thanks to a community effort, in 2009 it became one of the first Rosenwald Schools to be restored and one of an even more select group to have a body of work devoted to its history. 

Sharing the stories of people who attended Scrabble School - and placing them withing the large historical context of the Jim Crow era - represents the essence of the Scrabble School Preservation Foundation's mission to preserve the school's history and to share its legacy through public outreach and educational programs. 


111 Scrabble Rd, Castleton, VA 22716

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