Thousand Ornament Extravaganza


Date: December 7, 2019

Time: 10:00am - 5:00pm

Sponsor: Hazel River Arts & Antiques
Where: 12625 Lee Hwy Washington VA 22747


Hazel River Arts & Antiques 

is holding a 1000 ornament extravaganza

Come join us,  you all, for our extravaganza

You will probably think you’ve hit the bonanza

You will find ornaments galore on TreeCycle trees

As you journey throughout we are certain  to please

They’re in rooms and booths and on the main floor

Some hand made and felted you’re sure to adore

We have old ones and new ones and some in between

All beautiful, unique and just must be seen

Hazel River Artists put on a display

Handmade are many of wood, glass and clay

There are bunnies and gnomes mice that are felted

So snuggly and cute my heart just melted

What else to say I’m on the last stanza

Come join us, all for an extravaganza!!!